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lea michele sarfati

Welcome, this blog is especially made for the one and only Lea Michele Sarfati. She has changed my life. She's my inspiration, my everything. I've been a Leanatic since 2009 and I ALWAYS will be.


"You don't have to look like everybody else, love who you are!" - Lea Michele.

Buy Leas album: Louder
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Cory Rolling Stones Poster Signing
 Cory: Ohhh Awesome!! Where did you get it 
 Me: I imported it from America 
 Cory: Signs the poster 
 Cory: *Lifts up poster* and points to Lea’s ass 
 Me: *Trying to refrain from flailing or fainting* 
 Cory: You see Lea’s bum here? 
 Me: O_O - Yes 
 Cory: Well they actually held her skirt all the way up with a fishing line 
 Me: Ohh-Ahhh I thought they used a fan to blow it up or something 
 Cory: *Smiling* No they actually had a guy above us lifting it up with a line 
 Me: *Holy Fucking Jesus I’m having  discussion about Lea  Michele’s ass with Cory Monteith*
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